Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Journey Begins - Day 0

If you know anything about the Danger Kids Universe, then you know that December 12, 2012 was the release date of The Twelve. My co-author and creator of the Danger Kids, De'Quan Foster and I,were excited to bring you what we thought was an awesome story and a exciting beginning for Team Danger Kids.

For those who read The Twelve; you'll have noticed that there were no Danger Kids featured inside it's pages. That is of course by design, since The Twelve was Book One of the Danger Kids Universe. The Twelve is also the first book in a prequel trilogy that leads up to the events of the Danger Kids Series. A Generation's Journey will be Book One of the Danger Kids Series.

Tomorrow, we unveil the first portion of A Generation's Journey with the posting of the prologue on our website @ We have our fingers crossed and are hoping that fans, readers, and new readers will like how the story opens. I'm excited because everyone will soon get to meet the Danger Kids. My buddy De'Quan Foster keeps telling me how nervous he is. I just smile. Sometimes I laugh at him :()

This post marks the first of what I hope will be a string of uninterrupted posts that will lead up to the release of A Generation's Journey. We'll see if I'm able to stay on schedule with The Journey Begins or if the writing of A Generation's Journey will completely bog me down. I might even try a video or two. Day 1 begins at 12:00am Eastern with the posting of the prologue. I hope you all stay tuned for that and give us some honest feedback. Danger Kids fans are not a bashful bunch, so I expect that we'll hear from you all. 

Keep up to date with me here and talk to me on Twitter @aswashington. Also follow @dkuniverse to stay updated with all the happenings at Danger Kids Universe. We've got some exciting things coming.

A.S. Washington

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