Saturday, October 26, 2013

Poem of the Day - Do You Hear My Brother's Cries

Do You Hear My Brother's Cries by A.S. Washington

Who are you to demand that I,
pray for your majesty,
when my brother has three children dead,
and not one of them turned three.
Is that love my lord?
Should his heart still sing your praises?
Why is life worth living; are we rats,
here to amuse you in the mazes?
Many are straying, from the Son's message of hope;
tragedies are mounting, would you give him a second to cope.
Give him a babe, to share with, a lifetime of sweets,
he has much trepidation, offer him, a lifeline of peace.
Did you hear my brother's cries, did you hear him roar?
Would you offer him a word or two? To hear his boy,
whimper in his arms, to cradle him to heart,
leave your Angel of Death for evil, further plague him not.
Satan is not Death, for Life is Death the same,
though short have been their years,
yes in sin we'll all be slain; but would you please refrain.
Listen to his mind, factor in the words,
I think me more the wretched, him kinder more in turn,
do not measure me as angry, they be forever young,
let him have a blessing though, as your victory is done.

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