Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poem of the Day - Go and Seize The Day

Go and Seize The Day by A.S. Washington

In the morning my body is sore,
As I lie in bed, half asleep,
Breakfast, dishes, laundry, and clipppers,
All of these things I have to meet,
I wish for more hours in the day,
Twenty-four does not always seem plenty,
I roll my neck and crack my knuckles,
Thinking...is my cell phone battery empty?
Probably so, and probably not, I should not much care,
I have a million things to do today, time, have none to spare,
I should not despair
There are thousands just like I,
Wishing that we could stay in bed, for just a little while,
But alas I've awaken, ok I'm up,
Time for work and play,
Carpe diem, I might as well, go and seize the day.

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