Thursday, October 24, 2013

Poem of the Day - In Happiness Dwell

In Happiness Dwell by A.S. Washington

Tribulations are there to mold,
To sculpt your eternal soul,
Good times are easily remembered,
Yet, the bad ones seem to linger,
Driving you to the brink of madness,
Prolonging all your hurt and sadness,
At night when you sleep you shudder,
Once betrayed by loving mother,
Father was not there to hold,
To console your burning soul,
These days you seem to fold and cry,
Fail at all you hope to try,
Life seems but a passing breeze,
To never return desired ease,
Though, when all the way seems grey with gloom,
And every moment appears as impending doom,
Know that there is a hand to grasp,
To comfort you until the day you pass,
Into the bosom of God who loves,
Eternally, when the sky is none,
When the Earth is black, consumed with fire,
Angels will play sweet songs on lyres,
That day you'll know they're treachery,
Is punished, with great complexity,
Greatness is yours, believe and dwell,
In happiness, once you cast the spell.

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