Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem of the Day - One Family

One Family by A.S. Washington

The belly of the Buddha, upon my grandmother's floor,
Pop Pop in his chair, snoring ever more,
She limped down the corridor, that Ebony of Kevin,
He was a Giants fan that boy, before he went to heaven,
That man from the East Bank would say, please Aniesa please,
We were just kids back then, in a ghetto with one tree,
Though that street named Stratford Place, was violent as can be,
That was still home to us, and where we found reprieve,
Grandma cooked the dinner alone, Thanksgiving was filled with friends,
But Theresa was more like family, that's why I call her aunt,
Money was an object sure, wore hand-me-downs each year,
At times my life seemed the hardest lived, for others harder still,
Uncle Greg was still alive then, he died quite recently,
He joined my mother Sha Sha, and his brothers by the tree,
The fruity oak, in God's good garden, there they reunite,
I think it would, pain them all, to see this family fight,
We've all grown old, we have our lives, I the poet still,
I still have to join Devonne, across the Earth my Passport will,
Take me there on the longest flight, a trip worth the wait,
Sporty I still have to visit, for the hour has grown late,
I love you all, some I've just met, but love you all the same,
Those in South Africa, in my heart you shall remain,
Who knows the future? Who knows the truth? I cannot suppose,
Yet, this one big family is, all I'll ever own, 
I cannot write of all of you, I did not forget your names,
Aunt Dottie, over to Bernie and them, and all who never came,
To the Washington clan of old, and of siblings I know not of,
We're all connected, one way or another, in the wings of a White Dove

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