Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Poem of the Day - Quiet Wants

Quiet Wants by A.S. Washington

I have searched the mysteries of life,
The highs and lows, of victory and plight,
Felt the sting of love that wasn’t really nice,
Wondering of life, with dark clouds, covering the bright,
The bright big sun, the symbol of the morning,
Next to one particular girl, with my love I am adorning,
But life I abhor, never next to her waking,
Often times I wake from horrors, sweating and shaking.

Part of this truth, is much embellish tales,
But the pain I feel, is of skin being nailed,
Standing on the deck, of a ship which never sails,
Of a want in my guts, that my lips might never tell,
Tell, tell, more than one woman that I’ve seen,
Monogamy is virtuous, but more than one I surely dreamed,
Without reserve I’d surely scream, belting out my cries,
My questions have no answers, since I think but never pry.

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