Thursday, October 10, 2013

Poem of the Day - The Truth Of My Passionate Life

The Truth Of My Passionate Life by A.S. Washington

I’d likely write something with no point,
Something like - a cup of tea my lips anoint,
As it warms my gullet, my guts rejoice,
It shall ease the flow of my treasured voice,
But that would be lies, because I care not to flatter me,
With skillful words of pointless imagining,
I can only hope to let emotions overflow,
Like, when once a year there’s a family gathering,
That is good times and bad, when loved ones argue,
When on every trip, some way they’re harming you,
And you finally see that’s their behavior’s alarming too,
Since in truth from past, they should exalt you,
No one is God I know, and I know God only in heart,
I’ve have never seen him with eyes, but felt his spark,
In the welcoming breeze, as tree leaves depart,
And the succulent comfort in the release of farts,
There it is, the truth of my passionate life,
It is a painful pleasure, like a passionate bite,
In the clutches of one you wished for and have,
When happiness was a gift, you dared to grasp.

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