Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poem of the Day - Want For Sleep

Want For Sleep by A.S. Washington

Sitting here, the words wont come,
Forcing them would be futile, nor poetic,
My eyes are heavy with the want for sleep,
I must find a way to be energetic.

I think too much on the approval of others,
Wondering if I toil in vain,
My idol is sometimes Shakespeare,
Yet, these efforts, often are hard to sustain.

Sleep is a thing I want, very much,
A blessing it would be to have it for months on end,
So success is something in my head, that I scream for,
To have and to hold my pillow, to squeeze and grin.

Weeping I will not, for this long and jagged path,
I am plotting it, and laughter, I shall have it last,
That is my hope, my wing and a prayer to God,
Right now I'm bogged down, with working ten jobs. 

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