Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poem of the Day - Where I Am Free

Where I Am Free by A.S. Washington

Canvas for my thoughts,
Oblige me you do,
Caring not of neatness,
Or the scratches that abuse,
I bruise you black and blue,
Sometimes I have used red,
There are so many others of you,
Which is why we can't be wed.

You are my place of remorse,
My epicenter of truth,
Where I shall not, lie at all,
Where love may be rebuked,
Where love may be retold,
Whether achieved or never grasped,
You are the place where muddy swamp,
Becomes the greenery of grass,
I've seen you in my past,
In my memory's dreams,
I see you in my future,
Where my life may never be.

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