Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Senryu Is Fun and Challenging

A couple of days ago, I discovered micropoetry on Twitter and found it interesting. I saw a writer in particular by the name of Frank Watson who tweets under the handle @FollowBlueFlute. Many of the poems he posted were tanka poems, which are a form of Japanese poetry. What struck me was the brevity of the poems. Just five lines and it was done. The coolest part was that though the poems were very short, they were quite concise and very descriptive. Frank's work inspired me to delve into the realm of micropoetry and tanka. I made a few attempts at some tanka and found it very fun and liberating.

After a few attempts, I did more research on haiku and then senryu and got an idea. I decided to write
a collection of poetry using the senryu form. At the time of this blog, I have composed 27 poems and I am attempting to round the collection off at 50 poems. There are other ideas that I have while writing. Thus I have found the task daunting since I have given myself a topic to confine myself to. So the journey has been fun discovering a form that is new to me, but quite old to the world. It has been challenging, because it is not the easiest thing to do when you only have three lines and syllable rules. However, I think as a writer, it is good to challenge oneself. After this journey is done, I hope and do think that I'll be a better writer for it.

"Make everyday your masterpiece"

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