Friday, November 1, 2013

Excellent Works in POETRY NOOK MAGAZINE, VOLUME 2 by Various Authors/Artists
I had a great time reading this book and seeing some of the art work within its pages. Poetry Nook is a monthly publication by +Frank Watson and his team of editors, Tiara Winter-Schorr and Erny Herawaty at Plum White Press. The beautiful cover image to the left features several works of poetry of varying length and subject matter. I found many of them to be excellent works that I enjoyed and a few that I could relate to personally. Whatever your particular taste in poetry, from love, reflection, of nature, or violence; you can definitely find it in this installment of Poetry Nook. You can find a print copy on Barnes & Noble and find it in print or eBook format on Amazon. Read my review of Poetry Nook, Volume 2 below from Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

"There were some really incredible works within this volume of Poetry Nook. I highlighted quite a few, but can't present them all here in this review. But there were some that I just couldn't ignore.

"The Young World" by 1stCitizenKane was the first that I highlighted and made note of it. The last line of the poem really brought it home for me. "Scissors and Scarecrows," by Darrell Lindsey was very good even though the last three lines threw me off a bit. "Wind Chimes" by gennepher was great. It kind of just jumped off of the page for me. A particular poem took me back to my childhood when I needed stitches which was "Grape Popsicle," by Jane Hewey. That poem was a good fun read. "Soul Kiss" by Amanda Pence had a particularly good use of language among all of the poems that I read. "Bushfire," by Roslyn Ross was nearly as good as "Soul Kiss." The last three stanzas of Ross' poem really sung right off of the page.

Poetry Nook also features art work and Darren Brown had the most strikingly vivid image in the book in my opinion. It was entitled "Skull." The image was presented with an amazing use of color that didn't distract from the primary image which was the skull itself. It really popped out.

I highly recommend others to snatch up a copy of this volume of Poetry Nook. The cover is indeed amazing and I'm sure within its pages, each reader can find something that resonates with them individually. There is more that I enjoyed, but I don't want my review to be an exhaustive dissertation of my personal opinion"

It is my hope that those who read this will take a chance on Poetry Nook and stayed tuned for it's upcoming volumes. 

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