Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gennady Golovkin Earns TKO Victory Over Curtis Stevens

Gennady Golovkin came out with a very similar game plan to top Curtis Stevens tonight that he used against Matthew Macklin. He pumped the jab out, measuring Stevens, and then threw right crosses and body shots. In the second round, Golovkin scored a knock down on Stevens with a powerful left hook shot. Stevens was able to recover and make it to the end of the round.

Through three rounds, I had Golovkin winning them all, along with a 10-8 round in round two for the knockdown. However, in the fourth, I gave the round to Stevens for landing three good combinations. Yet, it seemed that Golovkin was allowing some shots to land, to see if Stevens could hurt him.

Over the course of the next few rounds, the fight turned back to Golovkin scoring with the jab and landing solid body shots. He kept pouring on the pressure and pushing Stevens to the ropes. Stevens' corner implored him to stay off the ropes, as his trainer said, "It's not a good spot for you!" This was one of those cases, where it was easier said than done.

Golovkin enjoyed a three and a half inch height advantage, as well as a reach advantage and never stopped pushing the jab. He kept pressuring Stevens and then landed a solid left hook to the body that hurt Stevens. Stevens at that point began to cave in, and didn't throw much of anything. He languished against the ropes and the referee told him, "You gotta show me something." But Stevens couldn't, and when the bell sounded to end the eighth round, I wrote 10-8 on my scorecard. Not two seconds later, his head trainer told the referee that he was stopping the fight. TKO win for Golovkin. I also had Golovkin winning the fight, seven rounds to one.

This was definitely an excellent fight and Stevens had his moments, showing heart, good speed and
powerful left hook of his own. Golovkin's technique was just a little bit too good and his physical advantages added another hill for Stevens to have to climb. Hopefully a fight with Sergio Martinez, the lineal and recognized middleweight champion is on the horizon. Golovkin said he's wiling to take on any challenger, but did mention Martinez when asked by Max Kellerman, who's next. I believe he's the only man, if in his best condition since his knockout of Paul Williams, who could give Golovkin a serious challenge. Right now, it seems like Golovkin will remain undefeated and walk through the middleweight division for two to three more years unless a star moves up to take him on.

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