Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poem of the Day - Before The Speech The Speech by A.S. Washington

Who are the faithful?
Among the thick and thin.
Who are the comforters?
In the deep with those who sin,
Will they stand with me?
At the edge of the sharpest blades,
Will they honor their words?
Or run from battle in shame.
I have steeled my will,
My courage a badge of honor,
I've been held, facing death,
Not once did I beg or cower,
They've made me their king,
To be the example on high,
To die is not to fail, but is,
The only choice if we don't prevail,
I'll place my helm upon my brow,
Unsheathe my sword,and scream with might,
I think of these things before the speech,
That I'll make before the fight.

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