Saturday, November 9, 2013

Poem of the Day - Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love by A.S. Washington

Between your legs, the pounding hurt,
A symbol of his undying love,
Upon his face that beautiful smirk,
A perfect match, like fingers in gloves,
Like this, you lied in ecstacy,
The first six months were perfect,
Every good relationship has jealousy,
'I am afraid to lose you,' that line, you nursed it,
The first year, a full blown fairytale,
He the prince, you his Cinderella,
Then one day his grip on your ponytail,
Was proof of the love of this fella,
Between your legs, the pounding hurt, he beat you to a pulp,
For this fire of love, you will go back, forever to be engulf

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