Friday, November 29, 2013

Poem of the Day - Fear

Fear by A.S. Washington 

Fear has a crippling affect,
Causing pause in the worse way,
Allowing the artist to neglect,
The heat within, hotter than the sun's rays.

Fear has a crippling affect,
Causing one's blood to run cold,
Spending more moments to reflect,
But delaying the beauty of soul.

I wish to stand in the firmness of courage,
Winning the wrestling match against my own soul,
Whether it be filet mignon, or bowls of pourage,
I hope to be sustained also, by reaching my own goals,
Fear has a crippling affect,
So it should have no place in the heart,
Even if I be surrounded by lions,
Or in the deep with great sharks,
I'll cross my heart and hope to die,
In the bosom of freedom,
Writing with tears and with blood,
With an empty mind, worrying not of reason.

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