Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poem of the Day - Hope and Want

Hope and Want by A.S. Washington

Hope and want are closely aligned,
Which is more noble, has long been defined,
Want seems more of greed and lust,
Hope seems more of seed and trust,
With hope it may seem that we take a step back,
Allowing the guidance of the divine to act,
Where with want it may seem we are forcing our hand,
Rushing in with no thought, making hurt with our hand.
I find it may not be entirely true,
I want comfort and peace and quiet anew,
A wonderful wife, who's lively as dew,
And maybe a child who my love can subdue.
These aren't bad things, and I hope for wants,
Pray for understanding of what the purpose was,
Of days past, and the many more days to come,
Until the Earth and my body's decay are one. 

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