Sunday, November 10, 2013

Poem of the Day - I Remember

I Remember by A.S. Washington

Gone are the days from back then,
When responsbility was school,
Food was prepared on the stove top,
And everything about your uncle was cool;
Going to Woolworth was an event,
Especially during Christmas season,
Quality was what corporations presented,
You didn't have to give them a reason.
Soda was made with sugar,
The beef was not a Mad Cow,
Gas was less than a dollar,
Eating out didn't cost you an arm;
One job was enough to provide,
Grandmother always stayed home,
We'd use fists instead of guns,
After the fights, we'd still get along.
The world has changed, much time has passed,
I still live in a country so strong,
Yet we've allowed some values to stay in the past,
I now wonder, where did we go wrong.

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