Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poem of the Day - Kiss Me

Kiss by A.S. Washington

Kiss me when the clouds are grey,
Or when the sun is shining,
Kiss me when the moon is high,
When the planets are aligning,
Kiss me on the crowded train,
In front of lots of strangers,
Kiss me when I'm feeling sad,
And when I fear the dangers,
Kiss me in front of that other guy,
Who asked you for your hand,
Kiss me in the here and now,
Where ever that I stand,
Kiss me in the summer time,
In the waves upon the beach,
Kiss me through the phone and air,
When I'm out of reach,
Kiss me when the hour is late,
When the waves of ocean are black,
Kiss me when God calls for me,
When I'm never coming back.

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