Friday, November 1, 2013

Poem of the Day - Leaf Upon The Wind

Leaf Upon The Wind by A.S. Washington

I rub dry these palms of mine,
Once slick with sweat of fear,
Lubricating the ragged lines,
As chapped lips I lick sincere,
Sincere in seeking your succulent peck,
My heart flutters the butterfly's song,
Hubris has not had a home in this chest,
Hesitation's the feeling prolonged,
Barely could I stand provoked,
With my hands upon your waist,
An inferno grows as this fire's stoked,
For an animal's lying in wait,
     When you kissed me I did die in love, and bleed it from my pen,
     You swept me up to Heaven's gate, like a leaf upon the wind.

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