Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poem of the Day - Letter To A Friend

Letter To A Friend by A.S. Washington

Feeling ashamed,
Thinking you were the reason,
For advances of a violent kind,
You trusted him, thought you loved him,
Gave him the moments of your quiet time,
At first he was kind,
But seldom does the devil quickly reveal his face,
He’d shower you with roses,
Then be the source of your disgrace,
Cowering in a ball, you find yourself to hate,
As time goes on, the good times,
Help to hide you from that place,
The place where fear and wrath,
Will force you to relapse,
Where pain is deep, the rain repeats,
And you suddenly collapse
You beg the question why,
Time and time again,
Interrogating God, asking ‘why’d you not defend,
My honor and my sanity, my chastity and beauty,
I thought you promised love,
The cards you dealt were full of cruelty.’
But you did not die; he saved you from the end,
Kept a little light in you, let it out, it’s still within,
Be forever, not afraid, of the evil of the world,
Find the broken scattered pieces of that hopeful little girl,
Wait to break free, from catastrophe and crime,
Bury deep your burden,
And true love you soon shall find,
Wipe off every tear, from your weary little face,
Be faithful let his burning light, shelter you with grace

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