Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poem of the Day - The Life I Want

The Life I Want by A.S. Washington

In my head, a multitude,
Thousands of words, tethered to hope,
Hatred for things I hope to lose,
Or see die in the lens of a rifle's scope,
Bothersome is things I want,
My life no walk on vacation sand,
A tireless venture of little gain,
Where are the instruments, did someone vacate the band?

I wish and I wish, but I seldom do pray,
I guess this anger is a part of the punishment,
Usually I'm aware of the issues at hand,
Yet today I could care less about government,
Regardless of who seems to occupy chair,
My life's been no better or worse,
The constant is rolling my eyes, disheveled and,
Cursing my annoyance that lurks.

The meek shall after each passing moon,
Spend days to toil and labor,
Living to work, never working to live,
Life's comforts, seem to belong only to neighbors,
'I Want It All',
As did the band of kings named Queen,
The ease of life with treasure and all,
With little responsibility like 'Anne of Cleves.'

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