Monday, November 11, 2013

Poem of the Day - Love Like This

Love Like This by A.S. Washington

There are little moments when it is all perfect,
When the fights do not consume my heart,
At times the down times all seem worth it,
If we could just get past them and find the spark,
Distance makes the heart grow fonder,
But an interruption could change the crave,
Another life without you gets pondered,
Though leaving from this tumult would be too brave,
There is a place I'd like to go where quiet rules,
Where kindness is not an expectation, but is - simply,
And love has a fire unto God, but we never duel,
With but the sound of that voice, I feel quite princely,
Jealousy, envy, and rage have their place to roam,
Yet I feel sincerely, that it has no place at home. 

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