Monday, November 25, 2013

Poem of the Day - Lovely Woman

Lovely Woman by A.S. Washington

I'm attracted to her mind and body,
She is intelligent and beautiful,
Well crafted are her ideas and oddly,
None of them seems out of place, but usual,
Yet, not the same as others would think,
But aligned with my own keen thoughts,
With disaster lovers walk on the brink,
Failing at finding their way out the dark,
I know she would keep me in the light,
Her light shines as bright as my own,
Upon her shoulder I could lean on at night,
Of my beating heart I'd give her alone,
Rest your head here, be safe, be forever kept,
In the arms of a passionate dreamer,
Be forewarned my love will never rest,
Even if my soul is taken by reavers,
With you I see a future, of ease and wealth,
Of happiness with no measure of stress,
Time spent with you until my declining health,
I'd hope to have it, if ever we met.

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