Thursday, November 21, 2013

Poem of the Day - Loving In Grief

Loving In Grief by A.S. Washington 

If I could rewind the time I would,
Remake the sheets of my regret, 
So I might sleep more soundly, 
Loving those more, whom I neglect,
There are many of them who live, 
Out of the sight of my two eyes, 
No wonder the travails of my existence,
Do not cause me much surprise, 
Who would succumb to my indifference?
Pull me into the warmth of their breasts,
Comfort me through treacherous paths,
Laugh at the driest jokes with which I jest, 
Make no mockery of my suffering, 
Allow me place to be the bane of my living, 
Disregard not dreams that I wake from,
Accept my prayers, receive what I'm giving, 
I am offering my heart, beating with truths,
Making no effort to hide any from you,
I love many, but one above all may not reciprocate,
And of all life, there is nothing more I hate. 

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