Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poem of the Day - The Procrastinator's Promises

The Procrastinator's Promises by A.S. Washington

I'll get to it,
Eventually these things will get done,
At some point in the year,
I'll stick to my New Year's resolution,
I ate all that cake,
Didn't run a yard,
Planned to be the early bird,
But returned to sleep after I yawn,
So thank God,
Thank him for the snooze button,
Thank him for vacation days,
A few weeks a year that I do nothing,
I need those days,
Everybody does,
I'm not a mean person,
Just can't give everybody love.
Promised I'd be nicer,
But she doesn't deserve that,
Neither does he,
He more deserves slaps,
Wish I could have turned the other cheek,
Yet, I decided I'd fight,
Even though I woke up this morning,
Saying that I'd be nice,
That I'd do right,
That I'd do twice,
Twice a day,
Give that bum some cash for some rice,
But he wont get fed on my pennies,
I hope God doesn't punish me for saying no,
And blesses me with my gimmies,
I smile sinning,
Even though I was supposed to pray,
I was supposed to write that book,
But I chose to play,
Bank accounts were supposed to hit here,
Instead I spent,
When I reach in my pockets,
All I find is lint,
Now again I say screw it,
And now I'm pissed,
Screaming out 'one day I'll die any way,;
Because life's a bitch.

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