Monday, November 18, 2013

Poem of the Day - The Smiling Serpents

The Smiling Serpents by A.S. Washington

They will stand in front of you,
Hogging glory not earned,
Call themselves friend,
While you smile with soul burned,
Serpents I call them freely,
For they are slimy, carnivorous things,
Bright they feign to stand,
Though dim is the light they bring,
At least unto my eyes,
Other folk may see their shine,
Scum is quite too harsh, yet I surely see their grime,
Do not promise me anything,
Or make your way upon my back,
I work hard enough on my own,
Find how to build the strength you lack,
Carry your own weight,
Have not success at my expense,
In truth I tend to stand,
From this path I'll not relent,
Look thyself in the mirror,
See the folly of your ways,
I see the frown of illusion,
While there's a smile upon your face,
Anger I do have it,
For I extend myself too much,
Being everything to everyone,
And for me, not quite so much,
They will not call, they will not write,
They will not think of me for long,
I give them all of me,
While they work to bone my arms. 

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