Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem of the Day - Solitary Road

Solitary Road by A.S. Washington

There are billions of us breathing,
Our paths converging upon the meadow,
Aligned by country and culture,
Sailing upon the waves, a ship of fellows,
A meeting of the minds, is not one,
Simply the bargain upon a chip,
God may join them with kindred souls,
Yet, among two, there is always a rift,
I have searched the past for greatness,
There are many of them that I have found,
Though, I can speak with none among them,
Thus I hammer these souls, upon the ground,
Kicking and screaming, handed to mother's arms,
A similar entry into the world,
Like the brothers and sisters I have never met,
Neither do they know me, for I am a pearl among pearls,
Each of us worthy of much, though few of us rise,
To find the summit of our hope and desire,
Thus, there is reason to hiccup a cry,
Follow the narrow, the road less traveled,
Chart not a course, yet allow the wind,
No matter the convergence, it is ours alone,
Somehow I shall find my moment to win.

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