Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poem of the Day - Strive

Strive by A.S. Washington

Allow not your troubles to consume,
Breathe deep, watch a movie and assume,
Prop your self in a position of relaxation,
Ease often comes in lazy moments of stagnation,
Surely you need a moment to yourself,
Quiet your thoughts, take a moment for your health,
Daily we are at the epicenter of a storm,
Cursing the world, knowing not how to move on,
We are assailed, with a touch of the same grief,
Praying more, for a measure of the same peace,
Somewhere near the buzzing air, of where two trains meet,
Is a moment of silence, though it remains brief,
My outlook on life, is one of mystery and awe,
Given a variety of gifts, I hope to go far,
Yet, struggle is it's own teacher of the weary,
My eyesight is quite poor, but my heart sees clearly,
I can wonder and imagine myself into a cocoon,
Yet, I'd rather the fight of forcing back a monsoon,
For I know that in this moment of terror I'm alive,
Facing our fears is the only way to strive,
As I transcribe these words upon page,
I sit in silence, slowly quieting my rage,
I think deeply of that which may never come,
Though I'll continue forward, and from this purpose, never run.

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