Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poem of the Day - Sweeping Thoughts

Sweeping Thoughts by A.S. Washington

Swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck,
A leprechaun's gold, I'm a fool with luck,
Could I carve a man up with tools like Huck?
Be greater than Gretsky, and subdue the puck,
Yesterday is gone, and today has arrived,
My debt pay off schedule, I'll soon revise,
Play video games, I do sometimes,
And write my heart's woes, in smooth recline,
Will this floor ever be sparkling with pine,
Is that a scuff mark, or chalk by the dime,
Will I read later on, of more heinous crimes,
My back aches, as I bend over and subdue the grime,
Will the 49ers win the Super Bowl this year?
Will Derrick Rose get some help or shed more tears?
Plagued by another injury and not duel with peers,
Could he stomach the critiques and be cool with jeers?
Over some weakness, I crumble and weep,
Remembering mother, making bounds and leaps,
Wondering if we'd all drown in the deep,
These are just a few thoughts I have when I sweep.

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