Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thor The Dark World Movie Review - A.S. Washington Gives His Take On The Latest From Marvel

Do you want action? Do you want well placed comedy? Do you like a villain who just kicks ass without all the explanation of why? Well then you want to tuck yourself in for the thrill ride that is Thor The Dark World.

Malekith the Accursed is after the Aether, a powerful source of energy that he once possessed, that has the power to destroy the universe. The only thing standing in his way is Thor, and the mighty Asgardians, led by Odin.

What I loved about the movie was the use of Malekith as a villain who had a simple goal. He wants to destroy the universe. He knows what he needs to get the job done, and goes after it with great purpose and very little words. Malekith doesn't taught his enemies or give them long explanations. He simply sends his army into Asgard to fight, kill, and forgets all the questions you're supposed to ask later. He does very little bandying of words and never relents in his purpose. And boy does he have help.


Long ago, Odin's father Bor was first to stop Malekith and his buddy Algrim. This time, Algrim becomes the being known as Kurse, and is given great power that none can withstand. Not even the mighty Thor, who he bats around like a baseball, after killing Thor's mother Frigga, a major turning point in the story.

Upon the death of Frigga, Odin in as expected, distraught and sad. Odin isn't thinking clearly and wants to fight the Dark Elves by luring them to Asgard. Thor on the other hand sees the error of this since Malekith is only after the Aether, which is locked inside of Jane Foster. He wants to lure Malekith to The Dark World to fight him there, to protect Asgard from Malekith's wrathful ambition. This is when Thor enlists the help of his adoptive brother Loki, who is a prisoner of Odin for his crimes against the realm and his attempt at being ruler of Earth. It is at this point in the movie where a good touch of comedy comes. The appearance of Captain America is both hilarious and so well placed that you go 'YES!', rather than saying, 'stop plugging Avengers in every Marvel movie'.

Thor does not trust Loki, but the plan they hatch to destroy the Aether was one of brilliance. That plan had Loki cutting off Thor's hand and giving Jane Foster to Malekith. Malekith is able to extract the Aether, but Loki reveals his trick and Thor's hand returns and he uses Mjolnir to eradicate the Aether, or so he thought. The thing is too powerful for even Thor's bolt of lightning to put down and Malekith gets it anyway. Loki then sacrifices himself to help Thor who's having his butt handed to him by the Kurse. But Loki is never without a plan, and there is an incredible twist that follows. Thor and Malekith do battle and with a little help from the scrawny people of Earth i.e. Jane Foster and crew. Thor and Malekith battle it out to the bitter end. Yeah, it's a superhero movie, so I'm guessing you can figure out the rest. But do go see the film, and watch, and I promise you'll love it.

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