Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mindless Fun by A.S. Washington

Mindless Fun

Be an adult, be responsible,
Take care of your business, leave the nonsense to,
Ruffians and children, don't do childless things,
Yet, when did we forget what the mindless brings,
Fun and excitement, regret to push aside,
A chance to smile in the moment, enjoy the ride,
Thinking is good, but don't ignore the rise,
Of an adrenaline rush, in those joyous times,
I've a few vices, a few harmless addictions,
Videos games, movies, and no content restrictions,
Whiskey, congnac, toasting the death of prohibition,
Good times, go and have them, don't ask for permission,
Let not aging be a barrier for aimless celebrations,
Toast to the good life, we're already caught in The Matrix.

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