Friday, December 13, 2013

Poem of the Day - Her

Her by A.S. Washington

Where have I went wrong?
Was it in the quiet of my own mind?
Today all I have is my dreams to remain strong,
Trying my best to care less, of the depths of those grinds,
Whether it seems to be, I deem there is no crime,
To stare and dream, that' she'll care or be, the one time,
I dare, to never, even if its clever, to tell her lies,
Carry her through hell and rain weather, for all times,
If ever our paths should cross, I'll have no mind,
To think, and walking bravely on the edge to show mind,
Meaning...I'd give her every thought of love I've had,
Of spending each millisecond throughout the day, 
Listening to old songs, of heart aching blues and play,
I'd rue the day, that I remain silent in fear,
Either way I have a picture, to view for the rest of the year,
There will be putrid salt in the mess of these tears,
That I'll shed if ever my request has her here, 
Each ray of sunlight is a ray of hope,
Though here I am now, alone to mope.

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