Monday, December 2, 2013

Poem of the Day - Isn't Life These Things

Isn't Life These Things by A.S. Washington

Life is this thing that was given to me unasked,
The Bible tells me of a great God, and of
all the things I lack. On some parts of this life,
surely I'd pass; and ask for something else,
mostly just to laugh. Having comfort in,
something that I'd like to have comfort in.

My heart races many times throughout the days,
Sometimes I think isn't life just great,
Though other times I have nothing but this weight,
And I wish at times that I could slow down the pace.
On my shoulders are the burdens of right and wrong,
Wrong feels good, but right is never wrong,
Thus I'm forced to choose out of this tumultuous throng,
What's been told to me so that Heaven might open arms.

If you are like me, some day's you're on the fence,
You talk in a matter of fact tone, but seldom you are firm,
Changing minds you don't want to, allowing their faith to be affirmed
Going through these days knowing nothing, has you quite tense.

It is good that I can badger myself with thoughts,
Confuse myself with quotes,
Read as many philosophies,
Of madness that seems joke,
Ramble on about nothing,
Be driven by passion,
Promise myself,
Yet never choose action.
This is the life of us, these human beings, 
Having much greatness, doing unusual things,
Feeling serenity in beautiful Springs,
Pushing your child on a worn down swing.

Is this life of those moments that go away,
Of those moments never to be returned to?

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