Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poem of the Day - Journey

Journey by A.S. Washington

I have my guilty pleasures,
I find my way to one each morning,
And then I write whatever,
A poem, a book, whatever my heart is pouring,
Upon this turning Earth, I need both,
Mindless entertainment and pleasure,
For there is no sense in complaining of weather,
Thus I write to fulfill the truth, that I need hope.

Beautiful women are the centerpieces of imagination,
So many things I would do, many more I'd say,
Love does often have a combustible nature,
Thus I choose more times than love, to dream, to play,
To flirt with she who I do not know,
On the off chance that she's off her rocker,
True, together in love we could never grow,
Yet, my own sanity remaining intact seems proper.

As a man I ponder much, as a poet too much more,
On Earth I have found no crutch, just hurt and much more,
Good times and a mile of luck, that is something to hope for,
Trudging hard through the muck, until my toes scorn,
This is the journey for purpose, to see and know,
To have peace and smiles, where I deem to go,
Having work and play, and the little things in between,
Some day I'll have, the simple life I dream. 

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