Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Poem of the Day - Something More

Something More by A.S. Washington

Everyone's searching for something,
Love, the right man
Love, the right woman,
Searching for something,
A little bit more than what they have.

To have more than yesterday,
More shelter in the pouring rain,
Because sometimes a house aint enough,
And your blanket can't hug you back,
Even when its wrapped too tightly.

Your mind races hoping to fine the one,
The one God was supposed to send,
To seek your heart, a loving friend,
For every wrong deed, they'd make amends,
And love you like you never been loved, again and again.

That would be a piece of perfection,
A piece of peace would calm your nerves,
But you're probably still waiting,
Because more likely it is,
You're supposed to be that something more for someone else. 

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