Friday, January 31, 2014

Upon The Edge by A.S. Washington

Upon The Edge

Dying on the edge of sanity
Or on the edge of insanity
My short young life,
A double edged blade;
Still of God and purpose,
More understanding is what I wish for,
Hoping not to plunge toward calamity.
Will my dreams be shattered glass?
Will her lips I never have?
Shall my efforts be futile?
Stuck in the quickness of sinking sand;
These are among my wonders,
Amidst killers and plunder,
Each fear on my heart heavy, is a load I wish to pass. 
Sing a song of peace,
Like raindrops upon a leaf,
As the sky is pierced by sunlight,
Waking my senses unto the world;
Present unto me the comfort of a deep breath,
Let nothing put asunder, the gift of my request,
Thus with my faith upon a cliff, I plan to take a leap.

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