Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pay Homage To True Love by A.S. Washington

Pay Homage To True Love

Where does your happiness lie?
In the arms of some other being?
Are you waiting for God to offer,
a hero to silence all your screams?
Would that be your something better,
their time and solitary presence?
Would that ease your pain and suffering?
Would all the hurt be severed?

I think for you that would be great,
for a toll on heart is quite the cost;
when the one we love goes roaming,
and rips out our loving heart.
Remember you were bottled up in yourself,
extolling the need of nothing more,
except the love of God and you,
till the end forever more.

It all sounded well and good,
To the friend who moused over the button 'like',
Yet deep inside you know not happiness,
Alone in bed and in the dark of night.
You wish for someone to hold,
Someone better than the last,
The one who broke your heart more times,
that made you swear you wouldn't last.

I say find some happiness inside,
Love yourself more than your child,
Love yourself more than your other half,
Love you more than God has promised;
For then you'll find the love of God,
In that temple, pay your soul the homage,
And perhaps you'll find a better you,
One who needs not more than arms of own.

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