Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Prowling Lion by A.S. Washington

A Prowling Lion

When we awaken to our self, we find truth,
The motor of our spirit that keeps us going.
For the cares and opinions of others,
We become like lions to cattle in the desert.
It gets preyed upon, we track it down, and suffocate them,
All that would try to upset the nature of us.
In that fury we remain untamed as we were made,
To do our bidding upon this Earth until our bitter end,
We give no quarter, and offer no consolations for their hatred,
It is purity in mastery of our self, divine as water.
Fear is here, only to be conquered with boot and sword,
Fear is here, only to mold the clay of our courage.
So he who would not suffer me my truth,
Then I bid you farewell and goodbye.
And pray that our paths never cross,
If you would stand between this lion and his prize,
It is in that moment that I shall hunt with all fervor,
And thus you, might assuredly die.

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