Sunday, May 18, 2014

Funny and Erotic: A Review of Jaquary D. Moton's How To Turn A Whore Into A Housewife by A.S. Washington
I must admit that there were several parts in this book, particularly during the story of Bayou and Davon where I laughed aloud as I read it. This woman was truly a whore and it came to be shown that she was quite scandalous. That made for some great story telling. My second favorite story from the book was of the highly successful Cyhper Wately and her escapades with Bradley and their secret sexual society. Theirs were probably the most erotic and sexual stories in the entire book. And the last of my favorites was the story of Keon Urban, the big shot in high school, who barely had nothing to show for it in adulthood. His trip to the Domincan Republic is something fresh out of a late night Cinemax movie for adults. 

Jaquary D. Moton hit on the truth of human sexual behavior as she guided you through five stories of various people in a sexual counseling group. Each of their stories was told in the first-person. The counselor at the counseling center also spoke in the first person. The tense that the writer chose to deliver the book in made it very personal and intimate. In between chapters there were guiding tips on How To Turn A Whore Into A Housewife, and conversely when not to. It was like reading and fiction and non-fiction self-help book at once. Though the cover image and the title suggest that this strictly centers on women, men are mentioned as whores, and there's even a story about a gay man. So there are even lessons about how a man-whore can be turned into a husband.

As far as entertainment goes, Moton doesn't miss on much. The voices of her characters are there and that what keeps you turning the page. What makes this a 2.5 star review is that I was very much entertained. If reading was purely about entertainment, this is five stars. However, it seemed like the writer made no effort to copy edit the book. I'm no authority on grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, or punctuation and can forgive a writer for some errors; as they happen in traditionally published books as well. But there were things in this book that were unforgivable. For example, the author used 'starred' for the world 'stared' at least twenty times. Also, had it not been written in the first-person, there would have been no way to know who was talking the way the dialogue was written. There were no paragraphs breaks for dialogue in the ebook version of this novel, and very few paragraphs at all.

I don't want to drum on the downsides of my reading experience, because the story and author voice was here one-hundred percent. I was truly entertained and that's the purpose of reading a book of fiction. So if you're looking for a quick 3-4 hour read and don't mind a lot of writing errors, I'd say give this erotica a shot. I promise that you wont be disappointed if you decide to read this hot piece of entertainment. I think Moton's got a lot of talent as far as story telling goes. A little more work on her craft and she could be the next Zane of erotic fiction.

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