Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shevata Find A Little More Humanity: A Review of C.C. Cole's Children of Discord by A.S. Washington

Children of Discord picks up two-hundred years after the events of the first book, Act of Redemption. The great city of Gastar has been rebuilt and is led by a Counselor who is able to see visions of the future. Gastar unlike before has a garrison of armored men and high walls that can defend the city from attacks. The people live comfortably, unafraid, and with every confidence that they will be safe. The minions of Zermon terrorize them no more and this is good for all its people. 

Yet, a new evil has emerged. He is a shadow of the war two-hundred years ago. Like Zermon, Goldeon wants to take control of the city. He's conquered the vampires he hasn't killed and is able to take the form of those he murders. He is Shevata's old enemy, the evil boy she saved from Hell who she shouldn't have; who'll wreak havoc upon the city that first sheltered her, then made her an assassin, and then a memory of the past. With accursed soul stealing powers , she'll take up the mantle of hero, with a young vampire by the name of Simon on her side, who may or may not be loyal. 

C.C. Cole impresses more than she had with Act of Redemption. The prose feels more natural and not rushed.  The story features a few twists and turns that keeps it interesting. Though I still feel that this series written in novella form would be better served in novel length. There is information that I wish for that I eventually get later on in the book as it is written as a kind of look here, now look back, and then return to the present and push forward. It is a welcomed format, though it lacks only in embellishment and description where you'd like it as the first book had. 

Even with those few downsides which are mostly because of length, Children of Discord shines as great adventure with much action. The cursed hero Shevata finds that she can be kind, though in her own violent way. So while Simon earns a ghastly cut across his face along with Attoria -- these vampires who Shevata despises have their lives spared. And while the city of Gastar may now truly have no place for Shevata, she can at least try and see that it doesn't become tainted by evil. 

For those seeking a fast paced action fantasy full or drama and fighting, pick up Act of Redemption and Children of Discord. I am patiently awaiting the publication of the third installment of Cole's work. I am at the very least invested to find out what happens to our heroin as time progresses. I know that this little centuries old sixteen-year-old looking girl is not exactly friendly. She's not all bad either and that's cool. Who wants a straight laced, by the book hero all the time any way. 

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