Monday, May 12, 2014

Shevata Is Brave: A Review of C.C. Cole's Act of Redemption by A.S. Washington

Sheveta isn't your girl next door. She isn't going to laugh, smile, or slap your shoulder at the funny thing you said. She's not going to cower in the face of danger, because who ever poses any danger, will likely end up dead or far worse. Shevata's an assassin from the Great War, hundreds of years ago, and she was punished for cutting down evil. That's a fright isn't it?

Punished for being the good guy and winning. That's one of the concepts that makes The First Book of The Gastar Series by C.C. Cole interesting. Evil exists as a balance to good and wiping it out doesn't always solve the problem. Sometimes it makes those problems worse, and Shevata finds out after being released from nearly two-hundred years of captivity. With new found power that is both great and frightening, Shevata finds that Zermon and his demon hoard can be made to suffer at her hands for their crimes against humanity.

Act of Redemption possesses all the qualities that you'd expect from dark fantasy. It's got a hero, though Shevata seems more like the wolf to catch a wolf type. Pure soul warriors from the Great War are resurrected by a dragon in human form that helps guide them so that they made lead humanity against the demons. It's got evil in Zermon, the ruler of hell, who wants nothing more than to add Gastar to the terrible confines of the fire pits of hell. And of course the looming greater evil in Abbias and an evil child saved who should have been left for dead in Goldeon. good guys suffer great losses along the way in this novella that can be read in a few hours. The
plot moves along quickly, moving the book at a fast pace, though sometimes sacrificing some imagery and description, so it's best to have a little bit of an imagination. This short piece of dark fantasy is worthy of epic length and the new concepts and ideas here are refreshing. I liked it most for that and the fact that Shevata wasn't a typical hero who had some layers that needed peeling (literally), in order to win back her humanity.

I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the Second Book of the Gastar Series, Children of Discord. Follow C.C. Cole @gastarbooks

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