Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Cancer Of Men by A.S. Washington

The Cancer Of Men

I seek simple pleasures, fun and games,
To live carefree devoid of worry,
I'd beg for chains, a willing slave.
I spent my childhood wishing for adulthood,
Thinking their comings and going were in freedom.
I know now it was all a farce,
And I weep my tears, disbelieving.
There are only echoes of my childhood left,
When life was easy - Nothing my responsibilty,
And Time has become nothing but a thief,
My youth is what he kept, of it I am bereft.
I could drown in liquor, or drown in tears,
Neither would provide me with an answer.
So I suffer my pen to play God for me,
To rid me of life's worse Cancer.

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