Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts and Imaginings by A.S. Washington

Thoughts and Imaginings

I wonder of the day we meet,
In a future not far from here,
With a hand or hug, how should I greet,
Will my heart beat calm, or fear?
Several hours we've spent talking,
Over a distance of a thousand miles,
On still images I spend time gawking,
As my mind races all the while.
You have shown me your feisty side,
Though not the limits of your patience,
There is a semblance of vanity, pride,
Because of the beauty you're surely graced with.

Time does not stop or wait,
There is no perfection upon this grove,
But I like you for the ease of words,
That we've shared not long ago.
How long should it last, for months on end?
Will it stop as sudden as rain?
Shall it continue past Vegas, as beauty does end,
When the flesh doth turn to grain?
These are the questions I beg of mind,
For hearts grow fonder with distance,
Yet there are others much closer we both may find,
Will this affinity fade from our senses?

Let these questions not burden your heart,
My thoughts are squarely upon your face,
Of the mystery curve which I know no part,
Yet my imagination knows the place. 

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