Friday, September 26, 2014

America of Mine by A.S. Washington

Facing the rise of the Islamic State,
As the War On Terror continues to rage,
Black men are shot by cops and strangled,
College loan debt is all the craze.
White girls have rounder butts,
And hip hop is popular culture,
Older women are in better shape than the young,
And health care's a game of poker.
Gun Control's a hot button issue,
Mostly when kids are killed,
I'm more afraid of a government shutdown,
Our national debt gives me the chills.
If this is generation why,
Tell me why do they seem confused,
Our future doesn't seem so bright,
But new memes keep we amused.
In a mindless fog we operate,
All these kids are medicated,
Our only unity comes on nine-eleven,
Rightly the victims are dedicated;
Never forget, yes we remember,
But do we remember all the sacrifices,
Forefathers standing against tyranny,
Black civil rights challenging those olden authors.
This America of Mine,
Promised liberty and freedom,
A house and a picket fence,
For hard work before I return to Eden.
Yet, our rich men are Global Citizens,
With ties to all the world,
Needing not a factory worker among these stars and stripes,
Sweat boxing foreign boys and girls;
And we do pay for the mark ups,
As our society unravels,
Our southern border remains unsecured,
Across them, enemies might travel.
Fear not the lash and whip,
Or the blade of the black masked men,
Fear the divide of the party lines,
Of political jockeying and sin;
For enough Senators have been found,
With their hands inside the pot,
Enough urban cities have been invested in,
Yes, right there's a parking lot.
Another one, another one,
A news report in the same monotone drawl,
Another one, another one,
A liquor stone and a shopping mall,
Another one, another one,
A long line for the new Air Jordans,
Another one, another one,
LeBron James, he's so important.
Doesn't it all seem so stupid?
Did you laugh or did you think?
Did you curl into a ball?
Grab your weed and have a drink.
Will you stand up for your rights?
Will you usher in the change.
Yes We Can, yes WE can,
Or is it only the President to blame?
These are a few questions I have raised,
For this America of Mine,
Will we unite under this one flag,
Or remain in the colors of our divide.

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