Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love Me by A.S. Washington

Love Me

Love carefully, for pain is sure to come,
Remember thyself, in days under the sun,
Achieve thy peace, not to misery succumb,
When freedom rings, breathe deep into the lungs.
Breath is life, taking in air a lonely endeavor,
Happiness can be found, to another soul tethered,
Yet, while there be boredom in loneliness it's better,
To be the instrument of thy own fall in stormy weather.
Peace is not always found in a lover's arms,
It is often found in thought, when love is torn,
When thine eyes have opened to the troubled storms,
And love is showered, sweetly self adorned.
Place thyself in the highest of esteem,
Peer into the mirror, stare at thy dream.

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