Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Equalizer Was Very Entertaining

The Equalizer is a two hour movie that delivers on great action and entertainment. In seeing the trailers for the film, I expected an action film without much true drama like I saw with Denzel Washington's last action film Safe House. The Equalizer had quite a bit of dramatic presence that drove the plot, which underscored the violence and made it make sense. Robert McCall played by Denzel Washington, lives in a pretty mundane and routine world just like you and me. But his overly neat home, his obsession with time, and his inability to sleep at night shows that he hasn't entirely left his violent past behind. The training that makes him the danger that the people close to him don't know he is remains ever present. Why he left that violent life in the past comes out in the end. Yet, the reason for which he did the dirty work of secret agents is a noble one. McCall is the knight in shining armor in a world where knights are few and far between. That's the heavy of it, without giving too much of the plot away. The light of it is that it's a kick ass action film with great pacing that will have you laughing, rooting, and wishing it were two hours longer. I give it two thumbs up and a great big go and see it.


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