Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dark Night of the Soul by John Wayne Hawkes: A Review
Marcus Doyle used to be a debt collector. He wasn't the kind of collector that calls your home on Sunday morning or in the wee hours of the night. Doyle was the guy that popped up at your door, kicked it in, and took what was owed. His work was on behalf of some unsavory characters that put bullets in their enemies. 

Happened to his girlfriend Amber because of him. 

Sure Doyle's the kind of guy to take revenge, and revenge he did get. But not before the bad guys pumped him with enough lead to make the walls in old buildings envious. 

Marcus Doyle died and came back a Draug. A cross between a vampire and a troll that he has to keep at bay or the thirst for blood consumes him and he goes on rampages. Sometimes he remembers them, but mostly he forgets. As his new undead self, he's caught in between the quarrels of Jesus Christ and his brother Satan. Jesus and Satan send Doyle on missions and his latest is to keep alive a special girl by the name of Brandi for a few days. Both sides want Brandi, and Doyle has to race against the clock while the nasty creatures of hell and their worshipers try to devour him in order to capture the girl. 

Dark Night of the Soul is fun. John Wayne Hawkes does a good job with pacing the story and it's a page turner. I've seen this kind of story before in the movies and I think it'd work well on the silver screen. You've got the shotguns, the pistols, and the undying creature from hell that keeps getting stronger no matter how many bullets you put it in. The hero gets hurt, more times than he can remember and that's real to me. Hawkes tells the story from Doyle's point of view, and uses quite a bit of colorful language. The language suits the character, but the F-bomb may drop too much for the truly faint of heart. 

I recommend Dark Night of the Soul for those who love some good fast action and fantasy. I don't recommend it for those with virgin ears or squeamish bellies. Definitely not your cup of tea. The writing is more than slick and Hawkes is a writer worth the ticket price in my opinion. I might steal a style point or two from his writing. This is a short story, and Hawkes excels at being descriptive and moving his story along as he builds the world around his characters. He makes every word count and that's important in any story, short or long. Anytime I felt there might be a lull, we were right back into the meat of the plot which I loved. So if you've got an hour or so and want to be entertained, grab Dark Night of the Soul

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