Sunday, November 23, 2014

Get My Short Stories Free On Monday November 24, 2014 Through Wednesday November 26, 2014

On Monday, November 24, 2014 through Wednesday November 26, 2014, A Sword and Shield Short Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 will be free to download for your Kindle Device and for the Kindle App for your tablet or smartphone. These short stories are packed with action and characters that you'll remember. Don't take my word for it, read the reviews left by those who've already read An Insurrection. According to them, An Insurrection is a 4.5 star thrill ride of reading entertainment. Not to mention, it wont take you more than 30 minutes to finish each story. So even though I think you'll love them, they wont take up too much of your time if you don't. If you're anxious, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read both of these titles for free right now. If you're a really anxious reader who isn't a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read them now for just $ .99c.

* * * Story Descriptions * * *

An Insurrection - Meet Garvin Desh, a long time assassin for hire whose thirst for gold and glory is quenched by honor. Desh leads a rebellion against Thurstan the Mighty, King of Lorencia, so that the king might answer for his crimes. Though righteousness has forced Desh to have a change or heart, his past is not far behind him, waiting to ensnare him in its powerful clutches. Will Desh save the people of Lorencia from hunger and death? Will his deeds make right the wrong he's done? The answers can only be found through sword and shield. 

Shademaker -  Morn Shademaker. Ungodly strong and ungodly fast. Those grey dead eyes of his aren't worn by a man who bends the knee. They are the frightening windows into the realm of the dead. His voice, the beckoning of Death's Summons. His mercy can only be found in the bosom of Death and Ismare Morcanse wants to know why. Yet, as Hunster 'Hack Jaw' Hanley rides for Lorencia, Morcanse's pride is drowned by his sense of justice, and he needs the Shademaker's strength. If he's not willing to offer it, can Morcanse take it. Or will he find himself another among the nameless dead to have crossed paths with the Shademaker? The answers can only be found through sword and shield.

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