Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ode To The Admired by A.S. Washington

Take me where the water's warm,
Where the Sun may kiss my face,
In the solitude of sandy shores,
With no lover to embrace.
Only the touch of wind on flesh,
Might soothe my aching hunger,
Flitting through the hairs upon my arms,
In this moment do I wonder.
Wonder on a beauty seen,
Once a beauty known,
Wonder on a beauty missed,
Gone now from my home.

She be no lover that I've truly learned,
Still a lover to adore,
A place where I have knocked my yearns,
Upon unmoving door.
I have scratched and clawed to no avail,
Hoping that destiny be kind,
Fast I'd walk through a fiery burning hell,
For this lover to be mine.
"Make me not a memory,"
I asked you once so you'd remain,
"Make me not a memory,"
I am yours now to be claimed.

In my solitude I cling to hopes,
As I wonder on the new,
Of the driven girl, who makes me smile,
And another out of view.
This be not to one lover,
Though a few lines are to just one,
More lines to those of older days,
While these of more to come.
From this heart the lightning strikes,
With fury thunder rolls,
I've have written only truthfulness,
Of the lovers that I've known.

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